Covert Estate Winery

All of Nicholson-Jones wines are made at Covert Estate, a Coombsville vineyard and winery owned by Cal Nicholson, Dave Nestor, and winemaker Julien Fayard. All winemaking production is underground within the caves.

We also source Cabernet Franc for our Cuvée from the Covert site. Here, the minimal topsoil is composed primarily of volcanic ash from Mt. George, and the layered subsoil of rich loam, ash, and volcanic rock is punctuated by cobblestones. The loam and rocky volcanic soils drain easily, while the ash subsoils hold water to sustain the vines during dry growing seasons.

The Cabernet Franc block nestles on a gentle slope that enjoys full eastern exposure to the morning sun, allowing for cooler afternoon temperatures that preserve fresh acidity and aromatic finesse.

































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