Gamble Vineyard

Tom Gamble’s family has been farming in Napa Valley for over a century, and he grew up on the property adjoining what is now his sustainably farmed Gamble Vineyard. The site’s low-vigor, high-moisture clay soils help keep the ground cool, and support dry farming in most years. Meticulous canopy management and strategic row orientation protect clusters from too much sun, and enable phenolic maturation without excessive sugar concentration or loss of acid.

We source an unusually textured clone of Sauvignon Blanc from the Yountville portion Tom likes to call his own little Entre-Deux-Mers, sandwiched between Conn Creek and Napa River, where lingering morning fog and shady afternoons keep temperatures lower than the rest of the valley floor. Less than a mile north in the Oakville AVA, the Confluence Block produces dynamic and expressive Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon Blanc, refreshed by the convergence of cool breezes split by neighboring Yountville Hill.

Vineyard Details

Appellation      Yountville (SB), Oakville (CF)
Soil Types Pleasanton loam mixed with clay, rocky river wash (SB); Cole silt clay, Yolo clay loam, river wash (CF)
Varietals Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Franc
Clones 21 (SB), 214 (CF)
Average Vine Age 20 years (SB), 4 years (CF)

































Vineyard Details

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