La Herradurra

East of St. Helena, in the lower slopes of Howell Mountain, lies La Herradura Ranch. This property was originally a fine wine producer in the late 1800s, which fell into disarray as phylloxera devastated Napa Valley in the 1880s and 1890s. After World War II, Francis and Nell MacVeagh bought the ghost winery and transformed its buildings into a magnificent ranch and estate, where they hosted international jet-setters, Hollywood starlets, politicians, writers, artists, and intellectuals. Their parties at the lake were the stuff of legends; neighbors remember piling steaks into a pickup like cord wood, driving them up to the grill.

Today, La Herradura celebrates its viticultural roots with almost 30 acres of vines tended by Jim Barbour’s team of experts. The Petit Verdot vines we use are rooted in loamy soils, and produce grapes of grace and elegance.

Vineyard Details

Appellation      St. Helena
Soil Types loam
Varietals Petit Verdot
Clones CGN 2
Average Vine Age 17 years

































Vineyard Details

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