Segassia Vineyard/Mt Veeder

Nestled in the forested curves of Mount Veeder, 2200 feet above sea level, Segassia Vineyard cultivates extraordinary Cabernet Sauvignon exclusively for Nicholson Jones. This hillside was first planted to vineyard in 1886, and the original hearth is still there, steps from the mountain spring that sustains the vineyard today. Owner Andrew Cates lives on the property and works with legendary viticulturalist Jim Barbour to tend the vines with sustainable, certified fish-friendly methods. Rejecting chemicals and weedkillers, they rely on beehives, earthworms, ladybugs, and bat boxes to maintain natural balance.

The vineyard’s shallow, sloping topsoil provides superior drainage, and its southeast orientation enjoys sun and warmth earlier in the day than the valley floor; afternoons and evenings, however, are typically 10 degrees colder. Wines from this site exhibit dark black fruit, intense structure and earthy spice.

Vineyard Details

Appellation      Mount Veeder
Soil Types marine sea bed; volcanic
Varietals Cabernet Sauvignon
Clones 4, 8
Average Vine Age 15 years

































Vineyard Details

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