Sleeping Lady

The Bettinelli family is known for viticultural innovation. When Larry Bettinelli acquired the Sleeping Lady vineyard—naming it for the slumbering shape of the ridgeline framing it to the west—he invented a new trellis system to optimize sun and air exposure for the fruit. Today, Larry and his sons work at the bleeding edge of modern technology to monitor levels of photosynthesis, stress and phenolic ripeness throughout the year, ultimately ensuring that every cluster achieves and is harvested at its peak.

This vineyard is at the western edge of the Yountville AVA was once a fast-moving river that deposited jagged rocks and sand from miles away and created a thick layer of gravel beneath the topsoil. Our block of vines are located where this layer is closest to the surface. This superior drainage produces small berries with greater concentration and a juicy blue-fruit, floral finesse.

Vineyard Details

Appellation      Yountville
Soil Types Keefers gravelly, sandy clay loam of alluvial origin
Varietals Cabernet Sauvignon
Clones 7
Average Vine Age 18 years

































Vineyard Details

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